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Packaged plant
As simple solution for the treatment of sewage, domestic wastewater and effluent, the BioCELL is a submerged biofiltration system incorporating all necessary treatment functions as one package plant for ease of installation.


For compliance to local environmental discharge standards, system design of BioCELL is based on: Hong Kong Discharge Standards (Chapter 358)PRC National Discharge Standard (Class 1 & 2)Australian National Discharge Standard UK Environmental Standards


The BioCELL is constructed from carbon steel fully protected by polymer internal lining for corrosion resistance. It is fabricated in modules for ease of upgrade.

System Features

High performance aerators
Synthetic bio-media with 200m/m
Inclined Plate Separators (IPS)
Integral screening (two steps)
integral UV disinfection
Optional on-line DO monitoring

Technical Data
Consult also your sales agent for detail specifications and selection of plant